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fucking scribbles

an absolute mess

I'm a fat bitch, i have no life, no boyfriend nothing. All i do is perform like a robot. dance dance dance, now sing bitch sing, now act, act for your life. I enjoy it, it takes me away from the fact that i have no life, no friends, no love. i'm nearly fifteen. but yet, i feel so much older, so much tireder than that implies. i love ballet, ballet ooh. but to do ballet you need to be thin, thin like an angel, like a boney boney angel. i even have no friends on this, i don't really know how to use it. but i just take things out on here. kara takes things out on here. things like school- school does this to me. it sucks me up and puts me under, makes me feel like nothing. i try to fill my head with knowledge stuff it full to the brim, and sometimes, there's an overflow and i cry and vomit. A*s, that's it. that's what i want A*s. if i get any less my brain is useless.